Contract Awards Ceremony for Science and Technology Projects within the Cooperability Program of the „Unity through Knowledge Fund“.

Ceremony was held in the Croatian Ministry of Science and Education.

doc. dr. sc. Gabriela Vuletin Selak and doc. dr. sc. Matko Glunčić during the Contract Awards Ceremony

doc. dr. sc. Katja Žanić (Institute Director) and doc. dr. sc. Gabriela Vuletin Selak after the Contract Awards Ceremony

Report about the Ceremony and our Project in the article published online – „Moja Hrvatska“ (Večernji list)




UKF Project/Cooperability

Project New approaches in understanding of the compatibility relationships and pollen–pistil interactions in olive (Olea europaea L.)

Projekt Novi pristupi u razumijevanju reproduktivne kompatibilnosti i interakcije pelud–tučak kod masline (Olea europaea L.)

UKF GRANT: Research Cooperability Program/1C My First Collaboration Grant 2017, Contract no 10/17

Duration: 16th October 2017 – 15th January 2019